There are many great coaches and instructors in the area.  If you're looking for a coach, one thing you might want to do is go out to the high school courts on a few different days or evenings and you're sure to find several lessons going on.  Ask the players after their lesson how they like their coach.  Talk with the coaches there.  Watch them and how they teach other students.  Another useful thing for finding a coach is going to and there you can put in your zip code and find a list of certified tennis pros near you.

Here are a few more resources:

Tommie Pernell

(512) 466-6546


(512) 517-2868

Naman Galvan

(405) 664-0865

David McDonald

Private Tennis Coach

(512) 237-5883

Tom Ingram

(512) 466-3348

Albert Ochoa

USPTA ELITE Certified Professional

Lessons and racquet stringing

(512) 422-6112

Dave Cunha

Head Tennis Coach VRHS

(512) 585-7500

Tom Lewman

Local individual and group tennis instruction plus racquet stringing - Call (512) 636-3015 for more information.

Greg Gonyea

Lessons in the Round Rock area

(512) 659-9712

Cedar Park City Courts

High Performance and Rec. lessons in a private, and semi-private format are available for all ages. For information, please call (512) 401-5500

Twin Creeks Country Club

For more information on private lessons, adult clinics, or our junior program, please email Jenny Gray at  Join the Fun!

Here are some names within 5 miles of Cedar Park from the USPTA Find a Pro website:

Tom Ingram   (512) 466-3348

Rob Davis   (512) 762-0133

Clint Watkins   (512) 348-5445

Albert Ochoa   (512) 422-6112

Daniel Meek   (512) 784-7814

Chris Anderson   (512) 940-1060

Richard Kane   (512) 328-0031

Laura Hudson

Aleksander Wrzeszcz   (512) 250-5933

Phone: 512-963-0820  Email:
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