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Cedar Park Doubles Tennis Ladder

To sign up, just click the "Join CPDTL" button


The Cedar Park Doubles Tennis Ladder is FREE for men and women 18 and over and is a way for local tennis players to meet and play matches on their own schedules without having to make any commitments to play regularly scheduled matches.  Make sure that you read and fully understand the rules below before signing up.


Here's how it works (rules):​

  • Teams can be 2 men, 2 women or a mixed team.

  • You can only be on one team.

  • All Teams are ranked and listed on the ladder.

  • When you join, your combined tennis rating determines where you are added on the ladder.  Your team is added near others with similar tennis ratings and you must work your way up.

  • You can leave the ladder at any time, and rejoin at any time.  When you rejoin the ladder you will be added at the bottom of the group with your similar tennis rating.

  • Each month teams are grouped in 3's according to rank and some time during that month you schedule and play your two matches with the other two teams in your group.  This doesn’t mean that all three teams have to meet at the same time and play two back to back matches.  It means that if I am on team 2, I get in touch with the players on team 1 to schedule our match some time during the month and I also get in touch with the players on team 3 to schedule a match during the month.

  • You have the entire month to play your 2 matches, but try not to wait until the last day.

  • Depending on the number of players each month, there may be groups in a month that only have one match or could have 3 matches. If you are in a larger group for a month with 3 matches, do your best to get the 3 matches played, but don’t worry if you only get 2.

  • If you fail to play any matches for 2 straight months you will be automatically dropped from the ladder unless you contact Darrell Park and are approved to remain on the ladder.

  • If your teammate is unable to play, you are allowed to have a substitute for a match. Ideally, the substitute should be close to the same playing level as the person for whom they are subbing and subbing should not be used to gain an advantage.   

  • If you need to switch teammates, simply have the new player sign up stating who their teammate is, and the old teammate should click the "Leave CPDTL" button to leave the ladder.

  • Players arrange the dates, times and locations of their matches.  This is a local ladder, so all matches are to be played in the Cedar Park area. Cedar Park area courts include Buttercup Creek Park, Janet Bartles Park, Nelson Ranch Park, Milburn Park, Cedar Park High School, Vista Ridge High School, Leander High School, Anderson Mill West Park (M.U.D.), Lakeline Oaks Park (M.U.D.), Twin Creeks Country Club (private) and Rouse High School.  Other courts to consider would be Southwest Regional Park or Glenn High School.  The website has a page listing all of the tennis courts in Cedar Park.

  • The match format will be the best two out of three sets, with the third set being a 10 point tiebreaker if needed.

  • Both teams should bring a new can of balls to the match.  One can will be opened to play with.  The winner takes home the unopened can and the loser takes home the opened can of used balls. 

  • After the match is over, both teams should report the score right away on the website.  If one team tries hard to schedule a match and the other team makes no effort, the match is a forfeit.  Write forfeit in for the score.

  • At the beginning of the next month, the team with the best record in the group moves up to the next group, and the team with the worst record moves down a group.  In the event of a tie in matches won, group movement will be decided first by head to head competition, then on sets won vs. sets lost.  If it’s still a tie at that point, the highest ranked team will move up and the lowest ranked team will move down.  The top 10 spots and the bottom 10 spots work a little differently in order to mix things up for those teams.  For the top 10, at the end of the month, #1 stays at the top. #2 moves to #4. #3 moves to #7. #4 moves to #2. #5 stays at #5.  #6 moves to #8. #7 moves to #3. #8 moves to #6. #9 moves to #10. #10 moves to #9. The bottom 10 move in a similar way to the top 10 only in reverse.  If there are 99 total teams, #99 stays at the bottom. #98 moves to #96. #97 moves to #93. #96 moves to #98. #95 stays at #95. #94 moves to #92. #93 moves to #97.  #92 moves to #94. #91 moves to #90. #90 moves to #91.

  • Please keep in mind that the ladder is very fluid month to month.  Teams can quit the ladder at any time, and teams can sign up for the ladder at any time.  Adding and subtracting teams when the new ladder comes out on the 1st of the month can move things around quite a bit depending on the playing levels of the new players, as teams are added to the ladder near their own playing level.  For example, you may win both of your matches, but if 5 new teams join the ladder and they have a higher tennis rating than your general location on the ladder, you may actually move down a couple spots. Keep in mind that the primary goal of this free ladder is to have 2 competitive matches each month.  The secondary goal is to try to move up the ladder, which may or may not happen depending on the number of teams dropping and joining the ladder each month.

  • Remember that by signing up for Cedar Park Doubles Tennis Ladder, you accept and agree to the following waiver of liability:  I hereby agree to assume full and complete responsibility, risks, liabilities and hazards incidental to participation in the Cedar Park Doubles Tennis Ladder. I agree to indemnify, release and hold harmless the Cedar Park Doubles Tennis Ladder, its office holders, agents, employees, and all other persons and entities associated with the ladder from any and all claims, costs, causes of action and liabilities including but not limited to illness, personal injury, death and/or damage to or destruction of property arising from participation in the ladder. I agree to follow all policies and rules, its office holders, agents and employees. I understand failure to comply with Cedar Park Doubles Tennis Ladder's policies may result in my removal from said ladder. I have read the forgoing and certify my agreement by signing up for the ladder.

  • Remember to be safe.  If you are playing someone you don’t know, it’s always a good idea to play on courts where there are other people around or else bring someone along with you to your match.

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