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Fast4 Tennis

  • The first person to 4 points wins the game (15,30,40,win).

  • At deuce, the player receiving gets to choose the service side for the final point (deuce or add side).

  • If a set reaches 3 games all, a first to 5 points tiebreaker is played for the 4th game.  The player whose turn it is to serve at the commencement of the tiebreak (Player A) will serve two (2) points. The opposing player (Player B) will then serve two (2) points. After the first four (4) points the players switch sides. Player A will then serve two (2) points. Player B will then serve the following two (2) points. If the score reaches 4-4, Player B will serve the final point of the tiebreak with Player A choosing which side the ball will be served. Players will change ends only after the first four (4) points have been played.

  • The first person to win 4 games wins the set.

  • Two out of three sets wins.

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